We brand products for your office, company or organization just the way you like them.

For your office
We brand your logo and any other preferred designs onto your office equipment such as calendars, headed paper, note books, pens, files, office cups & plates

Your Company
Corporate uniforms, umbrellas, bags, key holders, USB disks and customized packaging

And Organization
Organization T-shirts (embroiled & printed), banners, bandanas, wrist bands and customized uniforms

Send us your logo, describe to us your designs, sit back, relax and wait for your product

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Consultancy Services

We offer expert consultancy in all the services and products that we offer.

Web & Mobile
It be could on best web practices, increasing traffic on your website, Strategic web publication or Search Engine Optimisation. Maybe your wonderful mobile app is not getting the expected attention, or generates little or no revenue, you are welcome to seek our expert mentorship.

Do you really need that desktop application? How much will it cost to build/buy? How about maintenance? Where to head next? We will give you the best information you need.

ICT Training
We offer ICT training in Audio & Video Editing, Animation Design, Computer Networking (CCNA), Mobile App Development, Embedded Systems Development, Web design, Microsoft packages (MSCE)

Hit our block or lines with any tech or digital content marketing. We may be your ultimate tech consultants.

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Graphics Design

With all the latest graphics technologies, you are bound to stern all your stakeholders with just the graphics relevant to your business, company, or any other entity.

What projects we handle

With the proficiency of our designers and developers, we do 2D and 3D graphics, Corporate branding, Concept Design, Visualisations, Proffesional presentation, Advertisement, Motion Graphics, UI and UX.

We also do 2 & 3D computer animations for TV Commercials, Youtube Channels or other video blogs,Community awareness and sensitization movie clips, all at amazingly affordable prices.


You will definately need us for all your Logo needs (Design and Redesign), Press Design i.e Magazines, Books, both Digital and Raw, and website design, and Real Estate Design.

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Embedded Systems Design

At Cyberdynamics, with our intimate understanding of micro controllers and embedded & control systems design and development. You definitely do not need to go to PRC to have your ES Developed.

What projects we handle

Our team is welcome to work from the simplest micro controller related projects. We also do systems simulation and industrial standard embedded systems. 1-Do you develop embedded systems? 2-Would you wish for some components to be shipped to you? If your answer is Yes to all of this...we are also glad to hear from you too

Sample system titles

Industrial and Home Thermo/Humidity/Light/Pressure/etc Monitoring Systems, Control systems for Gates, Home utilities, Home and Industrial Security and safety systems, Modern and Intelligent traffic lights Control systems, Mobile to Machine/Gadget interface system and more.

Our ES Projects

Utility & Enterprise applications

From simple to complex Desktop information systems, we build systems to enhance local businesses and institutions like Hospitals, Banks, supermarkets, schools, NGOs, Research Centres, or any other Data Centric Entity. It could be a Loan management system for your SACCO or micro finance, Financial system for your Forex Bureau or Accounting software for your supermarket or firm

Systems Maintenance and Extension

Get rid of that legacy desktop app today! At CD, we rebuild legacy systems, extend functionality, eliminate obsolete functionality, refactor code and optimise algorithms just to match up with new technologies so you can enjoy all the new features in modern Desktop Operating Systems such as Windows 7 and 8.

UI and UX in GUI

Maybe your desktop app has all functionality up and running fine but...the interface sickens, error prone, security and data privacy is compromised easily, or your users hate it. You might want us to help save the situation.

Related Apps

Mobile App Development

With smartphones exponentially growing in popularity in both developing and developed countries, the only trick lacking in your business strategies may be a custom mobile app! Get that custom app built at CyberDynamics for less than you think.

IOS, Android, Symbian

At the moment, we develop for android platform. However, development for all other environments such as IOS, Blackberry, and Symbian are definately underway. However, with just android covered, your mobile application may be your ultimate inspiration for your customer base.

Mobile Apps for Websites

You think your business/company website has seen and done it all. Think again! For modern businesses today, it takes two wings to soar up higher places. Many experts will agree that these two wings are 1-A great website, and of late, 2-A mobile application to backup the site. Get a mobile app for your website today!

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Website, Web Application & Web Services Development

You definately want to check us out when you talk about professional Web Design and Development. At CyberDynamics, we build world class websites and web applications that are guaranteed to perfectly scale on all platforms, say desktop and mobile. Are you a business, company, institute, NGO, or public figure? Contact us in case you need a personal website, company website, business website, e-commerce site or an internal office web application for your company, institution or organization.

Web Services

Web Services especially for telecommunication integration for SMS, USSD or Mobile Money plus PayPal payment integration for your website

Optimization, maintenance, and Extention

Website Revamp(New look and feel), Light weight websites(Fast browsing), High traffic, Guaranteed fast development and deployment, Does google know your website? CyberDynamics has all those solutions and much more.!

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