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2D n 3D, Corporate branding, Print n Concept Desin, Visualisations, Proffesional presentation, Advertisement, Motion Graphics, UI and UX, Real estate design..blah blah

What projects we handle

Our team is welcome to work sfrom the simplistest micontroller related project/simulatin to the industrial standartd embedded system. we handle atmega 168, blah blah blah

Shipping services for Developers

Our team is welcome to work sfrom the simplistest micontroller related project/simulatin to the industrial standartd embedded system. we handle atmega 168, blah blah blahAre you based in EastAfrica? Do you develope embedded systems too? Would you wish for some components to be shipped to you? If your answer is Yes to all the above...we are also glad to hear from you

Related Projects

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Your career @ CyberDynamics

At CyberDynamics, your career is guaranteed to grow. With our professional and experienced staff, get ready to be inspired and motivated to step out of a "good" you, right into a "better" one. In a world where technology changes at speed so fast, we make it a point to match up the pace. We offer staff training in any relevant new technology where is deemed fit. This enables our staff to be a complete force for any work tossed.

Social life

Working with us is quite a unique experience. Each day is always refreshing at work when you meet and work with a group of individuals who embrace free thinking, discovering every unique potential and gift in each other. We strongly encourage development of life outside the job. This is done through regular parties, holidays, indoor sports, camping, et cetera.

Internship and Jobs

We are proud to announce that we provide intership opportunities to a few lucky students, as a way to encourage young and new talent. We offer employment opportunities too. Frequently check our this page for any new job opportunities, or contact us directly. Better still, subscribe to our blog, for news and events.

To our awesome CLIENTS, the least we can say is...thankyou!!

  • Sow And Grow Foundation
  • Ashley Decoratorz
  • Kwagalakwe Initiated Aid
  • Kickoff Sports Media
  • Serenity Investments
  • Choice Solutions
  • Gambit Game Parlor
  • Kigezi Agro Products
  • Masindi Miracle Center Church
  • Payless Country Club
  • Adroit Investments
  • Cake Mama
  • Aidahzel Fashions
  • Acme Group of Companies


At CyberDynamics, we are thoroughly equiped with a team of managerial personnel who perfectly tailor their expertise to ensure the steady growth of the company while still meeting customer expectations. This arm of the company is the force behind all met soft and hard deadlines, quality assurance, and optimal customer support. You will be impressed when you get to interact with our management.


Our Developers are the great brains behind every idea we implement at CyberDynamics. All products and services we are so proud of at CyberDynamics are a perfect representation of the long hard days and sleepless nights of these men and women.

Other Departments @ CyberDynamics

Some of the other pillars of our company are the Legal Department, Marketing and Sales department, Customer support, and other official support staff. The other is our prestigeous Research and Development (RD) department. This is the spearhead of our all innovations.

Brief Introduction

CyberDynamics was found by a team of experienced computer engineers. The sole motive behind the existence of this technology company was, is and will always be to craft affordable solutions to societal issues using computer technologies as the tool.

Our responsibility as a company to our clients is to ensure provision of a complete and lasting solution through technology. Through computer technologies, we empower individuals, groups, businesses be it small, medium or large sized, private and public institutions, companies, and any entity deemed fit.


"Enable you realize your worth through technology!"

Core Values

Innovativeness, Openness, Committment, Hardwork, Timeliness, all for Customer Satisfaction.

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